Washington Illinois Historical Society - Washington, Illinois - Founded 1825
Time Travels in Trunks Program
Time Travels in Trunks is a unique program put on by the Historical Society and the Washington District Library as an outreach to area children in the Washington School Districts. 

During a visit to the classroom, a volunteer gives a 20-30min presentation on the contents of the trunk they bring to the classroom. Each trunks contains items from different eras of history and are meant as an education aide to the children. After the visit to the classroom, the trunks are left with the class for one week, allowing students to explore the items in the trunk and learn in an interactive style. 

In the 2011-2012 school year, presentations were given to over 4,000 students city-wide. And, at St. Patrick's School, a trunk is sent out to the third grade class at least once per month. Students have responded very positively to these presentations and look forward to exploring the trunks.

CLICK HERE for the official brochure!

For more information, you can contact the team at trunks61571@gmail.com 

Want to volunteer to become a presenter? 
Contact Toni Minton at (309) 657-7738.
It only takes a small commitment each year and there are several topics to choose from. And you'll be making an impact on precious lives in their understanding and appreciation of history. 


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