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Looking to own a piece of Washington history??  The Washington Historical Society is proudly offering authentic Dickinson-Libby Cannery bricks and you could be one of just a few to own one!  

Only 150 are available to purchase, 
and will include a certificate of authenticity!  

Individual bricks are $75 with walnut base, 
and $25 without.

Orders can be placed by calling 
the Zinser House at 309-444-4793 
(if no answer, leave a message with your order details)

About the Bricks: 
An integral part of Washington’s economy from 1910 until 1945, the Dickinson-Libby Cannery has deep roots in Washington. Not only home to the canning factory and much employment for the area, the Cannery was also once used to hold over 200 German prisoners of war during World War II. Of course, who could forget Libby's famous pumpkin pie recipe, developed right here in Washington, IL, at the Dickinson home on South Main street.

These limited quantity bricks were pulled from the old cannery, part of which was recently leveled, and were made available to the Society by Rick Bess of Alliance Wheel Service LLC.  Bricks are available for purchase for $75 with a walnut base, and $25 stand-alone. 

Please call the Washington Historical Society at
309-444-4793.  If no answer, please leave a message regarding your desired purchase. The proceeds from the sponsored bricks will be applied to the repairs of the Dement-Zinser House and the Doctor’s Museum.

As a bonus, our own Mary Kerr has written a book detailing the unforgettable history of the Cannery in Washington, which will be available in March 2016. A portion of the sales will go to the Washington Historical Society.  

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